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Humaine Database

This is a the HUMAINE database which became available at the end of 2007. It consists of an exemplar set of 50 clips from naturalistic and induced data showing a range of modalities and emotions, and a subset of 16 clips selected to cover a balanced sample of emotional behaviour in a range of contexts. This subset is labelled. It is mounted on the ANVIL platform.

The database is available from http://humaine-db.sspnet.eu/

  • url: http://humaine-db.sspnet.eu/
  • main_author: R. Cowie
  • recordings: 50
  • naturality: mixed
  • language: English
  • interaction: mixed
  • annotation: mixed

Categories: untyped

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    Hi. I completed the eula form and requested for access to the humaine database but I have not received any response in my email (21451441@dut4life.ac.za)to my request. I wanted to send another request but was informed that the username and email address is in use. Kindly assist.

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