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Belfast Naturalistic

Belfast Naturalistic Database

naturalistic/induced: television data & interviews between friends

The database currently contains 298 audiovisual clips from 125 speakers, 31 male, 94 female. For each speaker there is one clip showing him or her in a state that the selector judged relatively neutral, and at least one in a state that she judged relatively emotional. Clips from the first 100 speakers, totalling 86 min of speech, have been labelled psychologically and acoustically. The clips are stored as MPEG files, with audio data extracted into .wav files.

Two main sources were used – television programmes, and studio recordings carried out by the Belfast team. A few programme types reliably presented real interactions with a degree of emotional content. The most useful were chat shows and religious programmes, though use was also made of programmes tracing individuals’ lives over time and current affairs programmes. Shows that seemed to include an element of ‘staging’ were excluded. Chat shows provided strongly emotional material, but with a bias towards negative emotions. They typically dealt with an emotive issue, such as divorce, death or drugs, with an audience composed of people who were personally affected by it. Interviews from religious programmes yielded a higher proportion of positive emotions.

The collection was guided by four principles.
(i) The material should be spoken by people who at least appeared to be experiencing genuine emotion.
(ii) The material should be derived from interactions rather than from reading authored texts, even in a genuinely emotional state.
(iii) The primary concern was to represent emotional states of the type that occur in everyday interactions rather than archetypal examples of emotion (such as full-blown fear or anger).
(iv) The material collected was audio–visual as opposed to audio alone.

The data is available from http://belfast-naturalistic-db.sspnet.eu

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