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SEMAINE corpus

The SEMAINE corpus consists of emotionally coloured conversations. Users were recorded while holding conversations with an operator who adopts in sequence four roles designed to evoke emotional reactions. The operator and the user are seated in separate rooms; they see each other through teleprompter screens, and hear each other through speakers. To allow high quality recording, they are recorded by five high-resolution, high framerate cameras, and by four microphones.

Fully continues (i.e. time and value) annotations of 21 dimensions including valence, arousal, power, and the six basic emotion by between three and seven raters per session is included. Full transcription of the conversations is included as well.

The data has been recorded with a great emphasis on synchrony of the various audio and video streams.

The database is about to be extended with another 600 clips. More information can be found in:

Gary McKeown, Michel F. Valstar, Roderick Cowie, and Maja Pantic, ‘The SEMAINE Corpus of Emotionally Coloured Character Interactions’, Proc. IEEE Int’l Conf. Multimedia & Expo (ICME’10), pp. 1079-1084, Singapore, July 2010

  • year: 2010
  • url: http://semaine-db.eu/
  • main_author: SEMAINE
  • license: Free for academic purposes
  • subjects: 20
  • recordings: 140
  • duration: 5 minutes
  • naturality: natural
  • media: Audio-visual: 5 video streams; 4 audio streams
  • language: English
  • interaction: human-agent
  • annotation: 21 dimensional affect, of which 5 dimensions are coded by at least 6 raters, forced-aligned transcripts, some AU, some head nods/shakes, some laughter

Categories: face-analysis; language-analysis; voice-analysis; multimodal-analysis; linguistic-modelling; psychological-modelling

3 comments to SEMAINE corpus

  • Dear Sirs,
    I am a professor at the Department of Speech Information Systems of The National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO).
    One of my main research interest is speaker recognition in emotionally coloured conversations.
    For example, recently I submitted a paper “The Effect of Long-Term Use of Drugs on Speaker’s Fundamental Frequency” at the conference SPECOM-2011 (the paper is accepted). This article examines the effects of depression caused by drug use on the speaker’s voice.
    I would like to expand the study with the use of other emotions.
    Could you, please, provide your SEMAINE corpus for my research of speaker recognition regardless to emotional states, as well as the development of speaker’s emotional state detectors.

  • Dear Prof. Matveev,

    Thank you for your interest in the SEMAINE database. It is publicly available, through an online resource on http://semaine-db.eu If you navigate to that site you will find a link to create an account. After account creation an EULA will be send to you, which has to be signed and returned by email in pdf format. Once the signed EULA has been received we will proceed with the activation of your account.

    Kind regards,


  • Peter Phelan

    Can one access: http://semaine-db.eu with a University Alumni email address?

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