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The Idiap Wolf Corpus

The scenario of the data is mainly focused on a group of people playing a conversational role playing game. “Are you a Werewolf?” is an RPG suited for large groups and is a game of accusations, lying, second-guessing, assassination and mob hysteria. The game is directed by a narrator and the players are randomly divided into villagers and werewolves; some villagers can also have special roles.

This is a audio-visual corpus containing natural conversational data of volunteers who took part in a competitive role-playing game. Four groups of 8-12 people were recorded. In total, just over 7 hours of interactive conversational data was collected. The data has been annotated in terms of the roles and outcomes of the game. There are 371 examples of different roles played over 50 games. Recordings were made with headset microphones, an 8-microphone array, and 3 video cameras and are fully synchronised. The novelty of this data is that some players have deceptive roles and the participants do not know what roles other people play during the game.

At the start of each recording for each group, an open discussion session was recorded so that the participants could learn the rules of the game. This involved each person being asked to read out a paragraph from the rules and learning the mechanics of the game together.

More information about the data can be found in this publication:
H. Hung and G. Chittaranjan, “The Idiap Wolf Corpus: Exploring group behaviour in a competitive role-playing game”, ACM Multimedia, Florence, Italy, 2010.


  • year: 2010
  • month: Oct
  • edition: 1
  • url: http://www.idiap.ch/dataset/wolf-database
  • main_author: Hayley Hung
  • license: EULA needs to be signed before the data can be accessed
  • subjects: 36
  • recordings: 15 games
  • duration: ~7 hours
  • naturality: mixed
  • media: Audio and video
  • language: English
  • interaction: groups of 5-12 persons
  • annotation: information about game progress

Categories: gesture-analysis; language-analysis; voice-analysis; multimodal-analysis; linguistic-modelling; psychological-modelling

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