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AAM-FPT Facial Point Tracker

The AAM-FPT (Active Appearance Model-based Facial-point Tracker) can be used to track 40 characteristic facial points. AAM-FPT consists of a hierarchy of three Active Appearance Models (AAM) and estimates the movements of the Head, Face, Eyebrows, Lips, Eyelids and Irises in 3D. Each AAM combines robust stochastic and deterministic appearance modelling with an optimised Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm (LMA). The tracker has been implemented as a hierarchy of AAMs to enable handling self-occlusions, rigid and non-rigid motion. The powerful feature of the AAM-FPT is that it does not require prior training since it learns the appearance models on-line, while modelling outliers and dealing with illumination changes, occlusions, scale variation, out-of-plane movements, and translucent textures such as eyeglasses and sunglasses. The AAM-FPT is initialised automatically when a near frontal head pose is detected, using Active Shape Models (ASM) face alignment proposed in (Milborrow & Nicolls, 2008). The target of the initialization is to estimate the Deformation and Animation modes (SMD and AMD), which fit a Candide wireframe to the face within the face region detected by the face-detection module. The SMD and AMD parameters have been learned off-line from tracked sequences extracted from various public databases made available for research on automatic facial expression recognition.

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6 comments to AAM-FPT Facial Point Tracker

  • I want to see if your facial tracker work well ,would you mind provide the source code to me ?

  • ametik

    Cannot download archive by URL at iBug.

  • Hi, I have used your facial tracker tookit for some experiment, it is an excellent tookit. Now , how can write the refernce about this tookit in my paper ?

  • Pradyumna

    Hi, I was trying to use the tool in batch mode, however it always crashes with the error saying either the OUT folder does not exist or the OUT folder already exists. Can you please share the source code, so that I would be able to extend it to generate 68 tracking points, which is a requirement for my research work?

    Thanks in advance.

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