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SSPNet Conflict Corpus

The “SSPNet Conflict Corpus” includes 1430 clips (30 seconds each) extracted from 45 political debates televised in Switzerland. The clips are in French and were annotated following the process illustrated in the following paper: A.Vinciarelli, S.Kim, F.Valente and H.Salamin, “Collecting Data for Socially Intelligent Surveillance and Monitoring Approaches: The Case of Conflict in Competitive Conversations“, Proceedings of International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing, pp. 1-4, 2012.

The corpus is freely available, but users are kindly requested to cite the following paper in case they use the data:

S.Kim, M.Filippone, F.Valente and A.Vinciarelli
“Predicting the Conflict Level in Television Political Debates: an Approach Based on Crowdsourcing, Nonverbal Communication and Gaussian Processes“
Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 793-796, 2012.

  • year: 2013
  • month: Sep
  • url: http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/vincia/?p=270
  • main_author: Alessandro Vinciarelli
  • subjects: 135
  • recordings: 1430
  • duration: 30 seconds per clip (11 hours and 55 minutes)
  • naturality: natural
  • media: Audio and Video

Categories: voice-analysis

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