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New track on Emotional and Social Signals at ACM Multimedia 2014

Emotional and Social Signals in Multimedia

A lot of multimedia systems capture human behavior, and in particular, social and emotional signals. These systems would therefore benefit from the ability to automatically interpret and react to the social and emotional context. The interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of social and emotional signals requires a different expertise that draws from a combination of signal processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, and behavioral and social psychology. Analyzing multimedia content, where humans spontaneously express and respond to social or affect signals, helps to attribute meaning to users’ attitudes, preferences, relationships, feelings, personality, etc., as well as to understand the social and affective context of activities occurring in people’s everyday life.

This area focuses on the analysis of emotional and interactive social behavior in the spectrum of individual to small group settings. It calls for novel contributions with a strong human-centered focus specializing in supporting or developing automated techniques for analyzing, processing, interpreting, synthesizing, or exploiting human social and affective signals for multimedia applications. Special emphasis is put on multimodal approaches leveraging multiple streams when analyzingthe verbal and/or non-verbal social and emotional signals during interactions. These interactions could be remote or co-located, and can include e.g. interactions between multiple people, humans with computer systems/robots, or humans with conversational agents.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Human social, emotional, and/or affective cue extraction
  • Cross-media and/or multimodal fusion of interactive social and/or affective signals
  • The analysis of social and/or emotional behavior
  • Novel methods for the interpretation of interactive social and/or affective signals
  • Novel methods for the classification and representation of interactive social and/or emotional signals
  • Real-time processing of interactive social and emotional signals for interactive/assistive multimedia systems
  • Emotionally and socially aware dialogue modeling
  • Affective (emotionally sensitive) interfaces
  • Socially interactive and/or emotional multimedia content tagging
  • Social interactions and/or affective behavior for quality of delivery of multimedia systems
  • Collecting large scale affective and/or social signal data
  • Multimedia tools for affective or interactive social behavior
  • Facilitating and understanding ecological validity for emotionally and socially aware multimedia
  • Annotation, evaluation measures, and benchmarking
  • Dyadic or small-group interaction analysis in multimedia

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