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Pride in mind and face.

  • [2013,inbook] bibtex
    F. DÉrrico and I. Poggi, "Pride in mind and face.." , 2013, pp. 281-309.
    @inbook{pog_der_2013, title = "Pride in mind and face.",
      author = "Francesca D'Errico and Isabella Poggi", booktitle = "Emotional Expression: The Brain and The Face. ", pages = "281- 309", chapter = "9", year = "2013" }

Categories: face-analysis; gesture-analysis; multimodal-analysis; psychological-modelling

1 comment to Pride in mind and face.

  • Vivienne Anthony

    One of our faculty members at Assumption College in Massachusetts would like to read the chapter Pride in Mind and face by Frnacesca D’Errico and Isabella Poggi. is it possible to obtain this Chapter for her?
    Many thanks
    Vivienne Anthony
    Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
    Assumption College Library

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