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Affective Brunel-Beihang

“Depression Recognition based on Dynamic Facial and Vocal Expression Features using Partial Least Square Regression”

-Hongying Meng, Di Huang, Heng Wang, Hongyu Yang, Mohammed Al-Shuraifi and Yunhong Wang
Correlation: 0.1409

RMSE: 0.1829
Depression MIT-Lincoln

“Vocal Biomarkers of Depression Based on Motor Incoordination”

-James Williamson, Thomas Quatieri, Brian Helfer, Rachelle Horwitz, Bea Yu and Daryush Mehta
RMSE: 8.5

MAE: 6.53

Results of previous submissions may be seen below:

Affective Sub-Challenge Depression Sub-Challenge
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Prediction Scoring:

The facility to submit results for scoring remains open, so if you wish to have predictions processed then please continue to follow the submission guidelines. The submission limit has now been lifted, however we reserve the right to refuse submissions if it is suspected that the scoring service is being misused.