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Call For Participation

The second Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis challenge FERA 2015 (http://sspnet.eu/fera2015/), held in conjunction with FG 2015 (www.fg2015.org) is calling for contributions in the form of papers and competition in the challenge. The challenge has two components: detection of the presence of a set of FACS Action Units (facial muscle actions), and estimation of FACS Action Unit intensity. Participants are invited to participate in one or more of the sub-challenges.

For more information about the challenge, see http://sspnet.eu/fera2015/ . To register for the challenge data please create an account for both the FERA 2015 dataset (http://fera2015-db.sspnet.eu) and the SEMAINE database (http://semaine-db.sspnet.eu).

Submission deadlines can be found here: http://sspnet.eu/fera2015/important-dates/

In addition to challenge contributions the FERA 2015 workshop calls for papers that do not compete in the challenge but that address related topics, e.g.:

* AU activation detection
* AU intensity estimation
* Temporal dynamics of AUs
* Benchmarking of facial expressions
* Novel applications using automatic Action Unit analysis
* Publicly available AU databases

Regarding the review process, papers competing in the challenge have lower novelty requirements than would be expected from a normal FG workshop. Besides correctness and readability, both performance on the challenge and novelty will be taken into account in the peer review process. Papers not competing in the challenge will be evaluated as usual.