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Changes to the website

We have installed a new version of the SSPNET website software that provides a new way to view resources on the site and a reorganized menu.

Belfast Meeting Summary

On July 5, 6, and 7, the QUB team hosted a meeting in Belfast to discuss  conceptual frameworks and important theoretical principles.  In addition to the QUB team, Alessandro Vinciarelli, Marc Schröder, Isabella Poggi, Dirk Heylen, Marc Mehu were in attendance.  During the meeting, a Declaration of Belfast was written (will be distributed at a [...]

Special Issue on “Social Signals: From Theory to Application”

Cognitive Processing (Springer Verlag)


Social Signals attract increasingly more attention in the computing community. They are the signals that people exchange in social events, from two friends’ small-talk to huge crowds during a rock concert, from parking quarrels to political debates; they convey relevant social information, thus importantly influencing social relations and social interaction, [...]

June newsletter

The June 2010 issue of the SSPNet newsletter is online:

Download the Newsletter by clicking here

In this issue:

Antonio Camurri tells about a new project on Social Interaction and Entrainment SSPNet supports the Third IEEE CVPR4BH Workshop An introduction of an SSPNet-researcher

Job Offer – Scholarships in Trento

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) makes available three scholarships at the “Doctoral School in Brain and Cognitive Sciences – COBRAS”  of the University of Trento, in the “Language, Interaction and Computation Programme”. The grants and their topics are as follows:

n. 1 grant for the topic “Multiple-user interfaces”, financed by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler; n. 1 [...]

The Affine Workshop

Full information at the following address:

A vital requirement for social robots, virtual agents, and human-centered multimedia interfaces is the ability to infer the affective and mental states of humans and provide appropriate, timely output during sustained social interactions. Examples include ensuring that the user is interested in maintaining the interaction or providing suitable [...]

Call for New Members

The SSPNet Deadline extended to August 15th

SSPNet is an FP7 European Network of Excellence (2009-2014) fostering and supporting research activities in Social Signal Processing (SSP), an emerging domain aimed at bringing Social Intelligence to computers. The mission of the SSPNet is to create a sufficient momentum by integrating an existing large amount of knowledge [...]

Expressive speech synthesis in the news

In this CBS news clip, Matthew Aylett describes how Cereproc created a voice for Roger Ebert that includes controls for expressiveness. Cereproc is a spin-out company of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Speech Technology Research.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

You can hear the voice itself in a clip from Oprah, and more [...]

Special Session on Affective Computing in Medicine and Health

Call for Papers International Conference on Medical Biometrics (ICMB) 2010 Special Session on Affective Computing in Medicine and Health (AffectMed’10) In the past decade, studies revealed surprising results about the nervous system organization, sug-gesting that emotions and affective processes might play an even more important role in intelligence, health recovery and prevention, and [...]

Workshop on Socially Intelligent Surveillance and Monitoring

========================================================= CALL FOR PAPERS International Workshop on SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT SURVEILLANCE and MONITORING, SISM 2010 June 14, 2010 San Francisco, USA (in conjuction with CVPR 2010) ————————————————————————– Rationale Computer vision & pattern recognition are the main technologies used for automatic monitoring of public spaces. Effective approaches for tracking people, recognizing poses, postures, gestures, collective crowd [...]

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