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Data Sets

SSPNet Speaker Personality Corpus

The SSPNet Speaker Personality Corpus includes 640 speech clips (10 seconds each) for a total of 322 subjects. Each clip was assessed by 11 raters in terms of the Big Five Personality traits (the ...

SSPNet Conflict Corpus

The “SSPNet Conflict Corpus” includes 1430 clips (30 seconds each) extracted from 45 political debates televised in Switzerland. The clips are in French and were annotated following the proces...

MAHNOB Mimicry Database

The MHI-Mimicry database was created in order to study the phenomena occurring in social interactions between humans in more detail, and more particularly to analyse mimicry in human-human interactio...


This dataset is a subset of the GEMEP corpus (see T. Banziger and K. R. Scherer. `Introducing the geneva multimodal emotion portrayal (gemep) corpus', in `Blueprint for Affective Computing: A Sou...


The Cohn-Kanade AU-Coded Facial Expression Database is for research in automatic facial image analysis and synthesis and for perceptual studies. Cohn-Kanade is available in two versions and a third ...

The Idiap Wolf Corpus

The scenario of the data is mainly focused on a group of people playing a conversational role playing game. ``Are you a Werewolf?'' is an RPG suited for large groups and is a game of accusations, ly...

USTC-NVIE (natural visible and infrared facial expression database)

we established a natural visible and infrared facial expression database, which contains both spontaneous and posed expressions of more than 100 subjects, recorded simultaneously by a visible and an...

SEMAINE corpus

The SEMAINE corpus consists of emotionally coloured conversations. Users were recorded while holding conversations with an operator who adopts in sequence four roles designed to evoke emotional re...

Belfast Naturalistic

Belfast Naturalistic Database naturalistic/induced: television data & interviews between friends The database currently contains 298 audiovisual clips from 125 speakers, 31 male, 94 female. Fo...


The FreeTalk database consists of recordings of meetings between people from different cultures. They talk freely about whatever topic they desire. The participants are recorded by a number of camer...
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