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Data Sets

Head Pose and Eye Gaze (HPEG) Dataset

Webcam videos of users displaying ranges of eye gaze and head pose. 10 participants were recorded twice: the first time they slowly move their head in various orientations relative to the camera. In...

Humaine Database

This is a the HUMAINE database which became available at the end of 2007. It consists of an exemplar set of 50 clips from naturalistic and induced data showing a range of modalities and emotions, an...

Canal 9 Political Debates

The Canal 9 political debate corpus is a collection of 72 political debates recorded by the Canal 9 local TV station and broadcast in Valais, Switzerland. This corpus includes a total of roughly 4...

HCRC Map Task Corpus

The HCRC Map Task Corpus consists of audio, transcription with hand-timestamped word-level timings, and annotation for 128 5-10 minute task-oriented dialogues. The dialogues are elicited using a ma...

IDIAP Head Pose Database

The IDIAP Head-Pose database contains data that can be used to investigate human head pose from video. It combine data from cameras showing one or more heads of participants, as well as information ...

Green Persuasive Database

The Green Persuasive Dataset was recorded in 2007 to provide data for the HUMAINE workpackage on persuasion. The recording scenario is as follows: a persuader with (genuinely) strong pro-green feeli...

ICSI Meeting Corpus

The ICSI Meeting Corpus 75 hours of face-to-face meeting recordings made within a research group. The meetings were conducted in English. The recordings are audio-only, which limits their utility f...

AMI and AMIDA Meeting Corpora

The AMI Meeting Corpus consists of 100 hours of face-to-face meeting recordings; the associated AMIDA Meeting Corpus consists of 10 hours of meeting recordings where one participant is connecting to...

MMI-Facial Expression Database

The MMI-Facial Expression Database is a fully web-searchable collection of visual and audio-visual recordings of subjects displaying a facial expression. Although most recordings show facial express...
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