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iBUG Smile Detectors

iBUG’s LAUD12 and TAUD12 are the implementations of our LBP respectively LPQ-TOP-based AU12 (smile) detectors. It is developed as a WIN32 executable. The model is trained on the MMI database. The i...

Social Signal Interpretation Framework (SSI)

The Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) framework offers tools to record, analyse and recognize human behavior in real-time, such as gestures, mimics, head nods, and emotional speech. It supports stre...

Speaker Diarization Toolkit

The toolkit is intended to facilitate research in multistream speaker diarization providing a platform for research in novel audio, video or location features. It is based on the Information Bottlene...


iBUG's TAUD (Temporal-based Action Unit Detection) is the implementation of our LPQ-TOP-based AU detector. It is developed as a WIN32 executable. It includes trained models for the following AUs: ...

iBUG Gesture Detector

The iBUG Gesture Detector detects a number of hand gestures on frame-level. Detection is performed in both spatial and temporal domains. In the spatial domain the detector returns an estimate of t...


Elckerlyc is a BML compliant behavior realizer for generating multimodal verbal and nonverbal behavior for Virtual Humans (VHs). It is designed specifically for continuous (as opposed to turn-based) ...

Mixture of Gaussians/HMM toolbox

This Matlab toolbox is a simplified and bare implementation for the creation, training and evaluation of Mixture of Gaussian models and Hidden Markov Models. The Hidden Markov Models assume a Gaussia...

Active appearance models

This tool comprises a basic Matlab implementation of active appearance models, as well as an extension of active appearance models that has a more powerful texture models (it models texture using a m...

Hidden-Unit Conditional Random Fields

The hidden-unit conditional random field (CRF) is a model for structured prediction that is more powerful than standard linear CRFs. The additional modeling power of hidden-unit CRFs stems from its b...

AAM-FPT Facial Point Tracker

The AAM-FPT (Active Appearance Model-based Facial-point Tracker) can be used to track 40 characteristic facial points. AAM-FPT consists of a hierarchy of three Active Appearance Models (AAM) and ...
Page 1 of 3123