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The BoRMaN programme detects 20 fiducial facial points. Instead of scanning an image or image region for the location of a facial point, it can use every location in a point's neighbourhood to pre...


Greta is a real-time three dimensional embodied conversational agent system. The agent is autonomous and expressive. Greta can express her emotional states and intentions through verbal and nonverbal...


MARY TTS is an open-source, multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis platform written in Java. It provides support for state-of-the-art synthesis technologies (unit selection and statistical parametric ...


This is an alpha version of the nod shake detector trained on SSPNet data. The detector includes the Viola & Jones face detector and will work fine for most near-frontal-view and profile faces. The d...

Gesture detector

The detector is trained for the Canal9 dataset of political debates. Detection is performed in the temporal domain, that is, only the start/end frames of the detected gestures are returned. The ge...


LAUD is the implementation of our LBP-based AU detector, desribed in the paper by Jiang, Valstar, and Pantic, 'Action Unit detection using appearance in sparse space-time volumes', 2010. It is devel...

ViBe : background subtraction tool

ViBe is a pixel-based technique that extracts the background in video sequences. It is probably one of the fastest tool available and outperforms many known techniques. ViBe is provided as a sof...

Real-time eye gaze and head pose estimation

C/C++ project for Windows and Linux; uses a plain web camera, mounted on top of the user's screen and produces 2D (yaw/pitch) vectors for the user's eye gaze and head pose (including roll). Results c...


PRTools is a Matlab based toolbox for pattern recognition. It can freely be used for academic research. The website has links to the software itself, its documentation, along with some datasets and e...

SEMAINE Research Platform

The SEMAINE research platform is a (mostly) open-source software package that aims to provide state-of-the-art software tools for nonverbally competent audio-visual behaviour analysis and synthesis f...
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