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Welcome to the SSPNet Resources Repository!

This website includes search and browsing for information that network members and others have shared about relevant tools, data sets, and publications.  This repository is a work in progress and will be continuously enriched with contributions from the SSPNet members and from the rest of the community.  Subscribe to the RSS feed if you wish to be informed about new entries.


One of the most critical requirements for the development of reliable approaches for Social Signal Processing is the availability of large databases of human behaviour recordings. The two main related problems are:

  • to supply empirical evidence (recordings and ground truth data) and the related metadata
  • to design procedures to evaluate systems and benchmark efforts in machine analysis of human social signals.

This repository addresses the above problems by providing the research community with a large collection of databases accompanied with annotations and experimental protocols.


Detection, analysis and synthesis of nonverbal behaviors are among the most important aspects of Social Signal Processing. The tools needed to perform such tasks require heavy efforts and, often, competences that are too diverse to be present in a single group and/or institution.

This repository aims at addressing the above problem and provides the research community with a set of tools addressing different problems that researchers encounter when working in Social Signal Processing, e.g., virtual character animation, extraction of nonverbal behavioral cues, pattern recognition and machine learning.


This repository contains references for  SSP-relevant publications.

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