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Virtual Learning Centre

Welcome to the Virtual Learning Centre of the SSPNet!

One of our primary missions is to provide any interested person, group or institution with the knowledge necessary to work in Social Signal Processing, whether this means the first notions about scope and goals of this domain, or the latest advances on the edge of SSP research. The Virtual Learning Centre aims at diffusing training oriented material and gives access to two major resources: 1) The SSPNet archive of lecture and presentation recordings 2) The calendar of SSPNet training initiatives (summer schools, courses, workshops, etc.) open to the research community. Like the rest of our portal, the Virtual Learning Centre is a work in progress and its content will be constantly enriched with new contributions. Come to visit regularly our Virtual Learning Centre and take advantage of lectures and training initiatives.

There is a known problem with accessing the videos using Internet Explorer 8 under some setups – we recommend Firefox.